Worship & Prayer

Worship and prayer are at the centre-point of life for a Christian. This is because they were at the heart of Jesus’ life. Everything Jesus did was inspired and motivated by his own prayer and worship of his ‘heavenly Father’. Sometimes, this was by himself out in the hills, away from his followers; often it was with others – whether informally around a table or a meal, or in the temple, the big ‘church’!

Worshipping and praying take different forms at different times, and there are many different styles and approaches! Some like traditional worship with formal music. Others prefer informality and more contemporary music in worship. There are times to worship and pray with others, and times to worship and pray by yourself. Neither is more right than the other, or better. But our overall style at Christ Church when we gather together is more contemporary and informal. 

No matter what our own personal preferences are, the most important thing is that we look to worship God ‘in spirit and truth’. This means, in ways which come from our hearts with all our joys and gratitude, difficulties and doubts, but also in ways that allow God to meet us, and to teach us what is true. The Bible is very important to us at this point! Worship, prayer and the Bible go very closely together.

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