Baptisms &Thanksgivings

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We warmly welcome enquiries for baptism, both for children (sometimes called 'christening' for very young children) and for adults too. We anticipate that you will be a regular attender at Christ Church before we arrange a baptism. This is because baptism involves significant undertakings from one or both of the parents of the child, or the adult being baptised. Baptism is a joyful and significant event and requires preparation. Please ask our office administrator for more details. You can ring the office on 0121 455 9902.


A thanksgiving and naming ceremony is often a great way to start, and can lead on to baptism later. This doesn’t involve the promises of baptism and is appropriate for those who aren’t ready to declare any particular commitment to church life. Some families opt for thanksgiving and naming (sometimes called dedication) in order to allow their children to choose baptism for themselves later on. This is fine!

However, we encourage infant baptism at Christ Church when one or both parents can demonstrate a commitment to the Christian faith, expressed through some level of commitment to the church family, such as Sunday worship.