Financial giving is an important part of our church life, and we encourage generosity - both to the church and then in turn, from the church to others. At Christ Church, we aim to 'steward' (use and look after) our money wisely. This means finding ways of blessing or 'adding value' to our local community as well as covering the costs of running an urban church. Costs for our Tuesday Coffee Morning (Place of Welcome) and Night Shelter have been covered by donations from the congregation. If you wish to give a one-off gift for a specific area of the church's life, then please let Andrea Stevens know and we'll ensure that your gift will be allocated for that particular thing.

Christ Church has three main methods of giving in place currently:

1) You can give via Standing Order through your bank (please contact our administrator Andrea Stevens for more details).
2) You can give via our Envelope Scheme, where you will receive a booklet of envelopes for the year and then you can bring these to the service on a Sunday and place in the weekly collection bag which is near where you come into church. If you pay tax, we will collect your gift aid details for the standing order or Envelope Scheme, if you wish to allow us to claim gift aid.
3) You can give cash each week (or when you can) if you find it hard to give in a planned way.

We are very grateful for all financial giving in whatever form it takes (including one-off gifts) and will endeavour to use your giving in the best possible ways.


Many churches advocate tithing on the basis of biblical teaching about giving 10% of one's income to the church, or to church and other concerns. For committed members of the church family, we advocate tithing as something to work to achieve but the most important thing is that our giving is both cheerful and sacrificial. (Giving sacrificially means that it should hurt somewhat!)

Christ Church gives 10% of its income to the four mission partners that we support. In the past, money has been given to the Birmingham City Mission, Tearfund, Christian Aid and also to local projects like the Night Shelter and Karis Community Project. Our four mission partners for 2014 are TearFund, CMS, Open Doors and Karis Neighbour Scheme and they will receive a share of our 10% giving.