We’re a Church of England parish church and the main thing about us is our common identity as Christians but we’re diverse at Christ Church: black, white and brown; married and single; young and old, and a number of families - all from different walks of life. At Christ Church, we strive to be a welcoming community and a warm welcome is probably why we stayed in the first place.

There have been Christians meeting at Christ Church to worship God every week since the 1880’s and we’re excited about continuing in that tradition in the 21st century. Our style of worship on Sundays is informal and relaxed but with some set prayers or ‘liturgy’. The morning service is suitable for all ages including families with a lively and contemporary approach. We have special provision for our growing number of kids on Sunday mornings as well as during the week, including Campaigners, Brownies, Guides and Sunday Night Teens.

We place a lot of value on teaching from the Bible and on depending on God to help us live the lives that He is calling us to live, using all our God-given gifts and abilities. We are a member-church of the Evangelical Alliance and also of New Wine (see Vision, Values & Belief). We also enjoy good relationships with other churches locally and further afield and we play our part within the Diocese of Birmingham. We are not the only Anglican presence in our parish - we have the Community of St Francis (an Anglican Franciscan house) very nearby in Gillott Road. (See www.franciscans.org.uk).

As well as Sunday gatherings, we have mid-week groups which meet in people’s homes for the purpose of getting to know each other better and together exploring what Christian faith is and what it means to live that out.

There is so much more for us as a church – in terms of developing our place in and for the community and what we can offer locally. We believe that God’s love includes everyone and excludes no-one. Jesus taught that each one of us can be a friend of God, no exceptions. An amazing thought!

Come and join us on a Sunday and stay around afterwards for coffee or tea. We look forward to meeting you and we hope you’ll make some new friends here.

(For more information about staff and leadership at Christ Church, click here).