Near Neighbours

Near Neighbours is a national initiative to bring together people who live close to each other within diverse urban communities. This helps local people to get to know each other better, build relationships and collaborate together on initiatives that improve the local community.

Near Neighbours has two key objectives:

1. Social interaction - to develop positive relationships in multi-faith areas, i.e. to help people from different faiths get to know and understand each other better.

2. Social action - to encourage people of different faiths or no faith to come together for initiatives that improve their local neighbourhood.

Located in Sparkhill, the Faithful Neighbour Centre (FNC) is the Birmingham base for the Near Neighbours programme. The FNC aims to connect communities and strengthen neighbourhoods by bringing people together from different ethnicities and faith traditions. Thrive Together Birmingham, also based at the FNC, is a joint venture between the Diocese of Birmingham and the Church Urban Fund which helps churches respond effectively to issues of poverty and deprivation in their local neighbourhoods.

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