Who's Who

Pete Sainsbury

Pete, together with Nance and their children, has been at Christ Church since 2008. They love living in B16, near the heart of the city.

Churchwardens -

As at February 2018, we are in need of two churchwardens.


Jan Thomas-Raducan

Originally from Leicester and previously a churchwarden, Jan has been a Reader since 2013. She is married to Alex.

Andrea Stevens
Church Administrator
& Vicar’s Assistant

Andrea hails from Wales but has lived in the Midlands for many years now. She is the first point of contact in the office.


​Ali Read
K-WAM Coordinator

She loves Birmingham having moved here as a student. She is married to Matt and they have three children.

Andy Thomas
Honorary Treasurer

Andy's wife Serena grew up at Christ Church but they have been belonged to the church as a couple since 2009.

Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the church’s governance group and has a collective responsibility for the legal and statutory aspects of being a Church of England parish church. This includes being trustees. But the PCC's main focus is to discuss, pray and help move into action many aspects of our mission and ministry, that is, what we do as a church. We meet every two months and sometimes more as needed. PCC members are elected at the annual meeting which happens every Spring.

The members of the PCC are:
Pete Sainsbury (Vicar & Chair), Jan Thomas-Raducan (Reader), Jane Clarke & Ansley Stenning (Deanery Synod),
Ali Read, Anne Bennie, Derek Johnson, Elaine Steele, Joy Thomas, Julie Fry and Obidike Ukaegbu.

The PCC secretary is our administrator, Andrea Stevens. Our honorary treasurer is Andy Thomas.